We provide a full range of services to cover every type of business need. Here are some of the main areas we cover:

Internet Strategy Consultancy

The Internet is very broad with multiple technologies, a huge diversity of platforms and tools, and all influenced by a huge array of factors. The only common factor is the speed with which it all changes. This all leads towards massive danger for the unwary. Investing the the wrong technology or techniques can result in huge losses when one of the major players in the market moves the goalposts. Alpha Information Services has been around since the earliest days of the Internet. We’ve seen technologies come and go. We have the experience to help guide you through the decision making process to make sure that you get the right solution for your needs.

Web site design and development

This is often the starting point in the quest for a web site. But web sites are made up from many building blocks – not just design. A web site is a business tool – whether it’s for marketing, for online trading, or for direct interaction with a client base. The web site needs to be built with that in mind. So for a site to be effective it needs a much broader perspective than just design. That’s where Alpha Information Services stands out. Not only do we have the Internet skills. But we’ve also got the business perspective to understand your business needs plus the skills to build a web site that meets those needs and integrates with your business processes.


Recent history has shown the importance of online trading for many businesses. Without an effective web e-commerce strategy, organisations wishing to compete in this marketplace will be at a huge disadvantage. It’s vital to select the right system, and if necessary tailor it to the needs fo the business. Implementing an e-commerce system is a major project. Alpha Information Services has experience of implementing e-commerce strategies for many different organisations and can assist you with both the technical implementation and also project managing the whole process.

SEO and Internet marketing

With over 600 million web sites on the Internet, it’s difficult to stand out in the crowd. Optimisation for search engines needs to be built into both the structure and the content of the site. But that’s not enough on its own. This foundation needs to be supported by continual promotion of the site with methods including social media and article marketing, and other activities designed to build visitor numbers and increase visitor engagement. Alpha Information Services can help develop an SEO strategy to promote your web site, and provide the resources to carry out SEO campaigns.

Custom Application Development

The Internet offers a huge range of off-the-shelf systems which may be suitable for any given application. Alpha Information Services can assist your business to find the right one for you. But there are times when nothing quite does the job. And for those cases Alpha Information Services can either customise an existing application that almost fits the need, or we can develop a custom solution that’s written around your needs.

Contact Alpha Information Services now to discuss your project. You can be assured of great advice based on years of experience of delivering solutions tailored for businesses.